Organizational Readiness Assessment Resources

Type of Tools: Organizational Readiness Assessment Resources


Target Audience: Project Sponsor

Organizational Readiness -This organizational readiness assessment tool encompasses multiple areas: organizational culture, leadership and management, operations, workflow and process improvement.

Health IT Attitudes Assessments -This resource can be used to assess organizational readiness for BPG order sets. It aids in understanding staff attitudes and beliefs to plan, develop and implement an effective education strategy.

Financial Assessment -This tool can be used in conjunction with the other financial planning tools to assess the organization’s financial readiness for the BPG order set implementation.

IT System Inventory -This resource can be used to identify and document the existing IT infrastructure to help organizations assess and budget for any hardware that may be required for the BPG order set implementation.

IT Staffing Inventory -This tool can be used to determine the staffing skills required for the NOS implementation. It is important to remember that the BPG order set implementation is a clinical initiative and not an IT project. Therefore, although the tool focuses on IT skills and IT staff, a successful BPG order set implementation will require nurses with informatics knowledge and skills to perform the following:

  1. Implementation: Tasks# 1-3, 6-9,11-12;
  2. Operations: Task#1;
  3. Help Desk Functions: Task# 1;
  4. Application: Tasks# 1 and 6 (in conjunction with IT and decision support staff); and
  5. Database: Task#4 (in conjunction with IT and decision support staff).