Monitoring and Evaluation Resources

Type of Tools: Monitoring and Evaluation Resources


Target Audience: Project Manager/Lead, Project Team

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Strategies to Optimize Your Practice - This Primer introduces CQI concepts, strategies and techniques that a health care organization can use to design an effective CQI strategy to improve the quality and safety of patient care.

Strategies for Optimizing an EHR System - This resource describes various strategies that can be used to optimize an eHealth solution post implementation.

Health Information Technology Evaluation Toolkit - This toolkit, developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, provides step-by-step guidance for developing project evaluation plans to assess the implementation of an eHealth solution in any health care organization.

Benefits Evaluation Toolkit - This toolkit is designed to assist organizations to implement, adopt and promote eHealth solutions.

Structure, Process, and Outcome Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluating the eHealth Guideline -  This resource provides some examples of monitoring and evaluation indicators (categorized as structure, process and outcome indicators) to determine the impact of implementing the eHealth guideline. It also includes information on tools or resources to aid monitoring and evaluation.